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Years in Business!

NTI Z-Series Computer Based Digital Sign Systems

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Computer Based Digital Signage System DS-Z Series Digital Signage solutions are cost effective multiple display, computer based digital sign systems.

DS-Z systems support up to 11 independent displays with the same or different content on each screen. We have options that allow you to extend video up several hundred feet away! These Windows 7 based systems are easy to use allowing any business owner to have their own advertising sign.

Why Use a DS-Z Series System?
  • Windows 7 Based System
  • Easy to Use and Maintain
  • Support for 1 to 11 Displays
  • Point and Click Interface
  • No Recurring Fees
  • Easily Expandable
  • Multiple PowerPoint Presentations
  • Display Any Type of Content
  • Same or Different Content

There are many advantages of using a computer based digital sign system vs. traditional sign systems including full networking capabilities, security and remote access.

The systems support from 1 to 11 displays and we have several connection options. We provide the powerful Intel i7 based DS-Z series server and software, you provide the TVs or monitors for the content displays. A true innovation by design yet easy enough for anyone to use.

How The System Works
  1. Simply connect your new or existing TVs or monitors to the multiple video ports on the DS-Z system.

  2. Create your media content to be displayed using Microsoft PowerPoint (included) or your own software. The content can be anything from simple text and still images to a fully animated presentation.

  3. From the Control Monitor, SEND your content out to the desired display with the click of a mouse.

Types of Connections

We can build a DS-Z systems supporting the connection type that you need, VGA, DVI, HDMI, or DisplayPort. This is based on the available connections on your TVs or monitors, and will determine what type of video cards we use in your system. Full details available on the individual system pages (links at top of this page).

Extending Video

Our optional Video Extension Modules allow you to extend video and audio up to 300 ft away from the system (see example below using HDMI extenders). Distance is determined by the type of connections that you are using on your content TV's or monitors. Click on any DS-Z Series system at the top of the page, for full details on video extension modules.

Extend Video Over CAT 5/6

In the example shown left, our HDMI Video Extension Modules can be used to transmit video as well as audio up to 300' over CAT 6 network cabling.

A small VEM Transmitter module connects to the video source of the DS system on one side of the module, and on the other side outputs to CAT 6.

The matching VEM Receiver module located at the content display on the other end receives the CAT6 input, then outputs to the video source on the content display, in this case HDMI.

Who Uses Digital Signage?

Digital Signage RetailEvery retailer can maximize profits with the use of digital signage as an  in-store media advertising platform. Studies have shown that in-store targeted advertising is responsible for 70% of brand decisions while shopping. Retailers use digital media to drastically enhance the customer store experience.  Immediately increase advertising ROI in any business no matter how large or small.

Digital Signage FinancialFinancial institutions can further brand themselves as trusted sources of information consumers navigate their way through customer lines. Help clients make challenging decisions with informative digital screens displaying financial information, current interest rates, banking products and services. Financial institutions are becoming one of the fastest-growing outlets for digital signage media

Digital Signage Public EventsConvention centers, exhibits, museums, zoos, and other facilities can enhance the visitor experience through the use of digital signage media. Display information about events, maps, directions and facilities. Restroom locations, food service locations or event information can be easily updated minimizing the need for additional personnel.

Digital Signage TransportationAirports, train stations, ferries, buses and others transportation providers can display arrival/departure schedules and other relevant information. Display advertisements to a captive audience reaching a very broad range of consumers. Keep consumers informed with up to date information about changes in schedules.

Digital Signage HospitalityHotels, Casinos, Resorts, Cruise Ships, Night Clubs, Bars, and many others use digital signage to  broadcast helpful, targeted messages to members and guests. Digital signs strategically placed throughout the venue offering services such as directions, reservations, resort amenities and meeting schedules. Enhance the member/guest experience and make their stay more pleasant and enjoyable.

Digital Signage Entertainment Movie theaters, sports arenas, and amusement parks can use digital signage to display theater information such as movie trailers, show times, food and beverage specials and enhanced product advertising. Arenas use digital signage systems throughout their venues to broadcast game scores and highlights wrapped with powerful advertising messaging.

Digital Signage HealthcareHospitals, Doctors offices, Dentist offices, Veterinarian offices would all benefit greatly with digital signage. Electronic signs are the most efficient way to deliver facility information, present preventative health presentations and advertise products and services.  Waiting rooms can capture patient’s attention, encouraging the doctor-patient relationship and better overall health care.

Production lines, factories, assembly plants can use a DS-Z Series system to display instructions and illustrations in front of workers. Control and change all content from the back office, the only thing in front of the worker is the screen showing the information. Streamline your operation, minimize production line errors and increase efficiency with digital signage.

Ready for work out of the box! The Z-Series digital signage systems are computer based, so they are easy to setup and simple to use. Microsoft PowerPoint software is included to create your digital sign content. Just unpack it , connect to your monitors or TV's and you are ready to GO out of the gate. Optional video extension equipment available during checkout. Order your system today!

Do You Have Questions?

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