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Years in Business!

Intel's Top 3 i7 Processors 2016

QuadStation X99 Series Multiple Screen Computers:
12 Display 10 Display 8 Display 6 Display 4 Display 3 Display 2 Display

Top Intel Processors for 2015 with 6th Generation i7JAN 2016 - The Intel i7 series still holds the title as undisputed champ in desktop processor performance. Intel's new Haswell-E X99 Series i7 processors are the world's fastest processors as of this writing. This includes Intel's recently released 6th generation Skylake series which are only 4 core processors compared to 6 and 8 core on the Haswell-E series.

See Intel's 2016 processor categories on the left. NTI only uses Intels top 3 High End processors at any given point in time in our QuadStation computers. The new X99 series processors are all in the High End category and feature 6-core and 8-core CPUs. The 6th generation Skylake i7 series shown second on the list, are only 4 core.

The Newest Processor is Not Necessarily the Fastest Processor!

A common misconception is that the newest processor is the fastest, but that is not true! The recently released 6th generation processors are not as fast as the high end 5th generation. Compare specs below.

NTI designs the fastest and most reliable multi-monitor computers in the world. Our QuadStation systems continue to get faster as new technology unfolds. This requires that we use only the fastest processors available, as well as selecting the right combination of components. This ensures that all of the technology in the QuadStation system works in perfect harmony.

Nothing is overlooked in the engineering of a QuadStation system, so if you appreciate quality and speed, buy a QuadStation system today. It will be the best computer you have ever owned. Read on for more technical details on i7 processors.

Intel's High End Processors - i7 X99 Haswell-E Series

We only use the top 3 fastest processors at any given point in time in our QuadStation Computer Systems. Here are the current top 3 Intel processors to date:

Intel i7-5960X X99 Haswell "E"

Intel i7-5930K X99 Haswell "E"

Intel i7 5820K X99 Haswell "E"

It is More About the Core!

That's right. Intel's fast i7 processors combined with HyperThreading technology DOUBLES the virtual processing threads. Each 'thread' equates to a separate lane of data traffic. More lanes of traffic means more information can be processed simultaneously. Your experience will be an increase in overall speed.

i7 Processor Hyperthreading Cores

In the past, measuring processor speed was all about the Ghz, or clock speed. That measurement has become less important as the microarchitecture of processors has changed. CPU speed is measured more by how many CORES are on the chip and not so much about the clock speed of one core. More cores = more speed, it is that simple.

Compare Haswell-E to Skylake specs below. Note the number of COREs on the processor, the key to speed. For example a 3.5 Ghz - 8 Core processor will be many times faster than a 4ghz -with only 4 cores.

6th Generation Core i7 Processors- 2nd Place

Intel Skylake 6th GenerationCode named Skylake, Intel's 6th generation processors come in second place behind the High End Haswell-E series. Skylake could be considered the budget version of the Hasewll-E series. The cost of these processors are less, but you will sacrifice speed compared to the Haswell-E. Here are the top 3 Skylake processors as of this writing.

i7-6700K - 4.2 Ghz /4 Core /8 Threads / 8MB Smart Cache / LGA 1151 / 14nm / DDR4 1333-1600-2133

i7-6700T - 3.6 Ghz /4 Core /8 Threads / 8MB Smart Cache / LGA 1151 / 14nm / DDR4 1333-1600-2133

i7-6700 - 4 Ghz /4 Core /8 Threads / 8MB Smart Cache / LGA 1151 / 14nm / DDR4 1333-1600-2133

Want a comparison, look at the benchmark performance test below. The processor that we use in our standard systems is listed at the TOP of this list. The slower i7-6700k is all the way at the bottom:

i7 Benchmark

6th Generation Great for Laptops - Not for Desktops

The 6th generation Skylake processors are a smaller 14nm form factor. Although they do sacrifice considerable speed compared to the Haswell-E, they are a perfect fit for laptops. A high power Haswell-E processor is too large to fit into a laptop shell, they are designed for bringing maximum power to desktop systems. The Skylake on the other hand is as fast as it gets in a laptop as of this writing. So if you want the fastest processory in your laptop, choose Skylake. For a desktop compupter, Haswell-E is the fastest.

In the market for a multi-monitor laptop with a 6th gen processor?

QuadStation Mobile 6th Gen Skylake

QuadStation Mobile System


A common misconception is that your system will not benefit from multi threaded processing if your software applications are not multi-threaded.

Not true. Regarding multi-threaded Quad core processors and any software application Intel says: "Even if the applications are not multi-threaded, multi-tasking environments will benefit from multi-core processors." (Source: Intel Software Solutions Group)

It is true that a single threaded software application will not utilize multi threading. However, Microsoft operating systems from Windows XP forward all support multi-threading. That said, your overall system performance will benefit substantially with multi-threading speed. Also, Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, Outlook etc) applications are fully multi-thread capable.

The Future of i7 Processors:
The future of technology will utilize multi-core processing as the new standard. If you are in the market for a new computer system you most definitely want to include the latest technology to ensure you are 'Future Ready'. Dual core processor will soon become obsolete as 6 & 8+ core CPU's become main stream.

NTI always uses the very newest fully tested Intel processors but they must also meet our very stringent quality control requirements. See our Future Ready line of QuadStation Systems.


Technical Specifications:

  • Intel Hyper-Threading Technology: Each physical core, doubled by virtual cores provide massive computational throughput.
  • Intel Turbo Boost Technology: Dynamically increases the processor’s frequency for more performance automatically, when you need it the most. (this is NOT the same as overclocking)
  • Intel Smart Cache Integrated Memory Controller: Large last-level cache for ultra-efficient data storage and manipulation.
  • Intel QuickPath Interconnect: Interconnect design increases bandwidth and lowers latency and data transfer speeds.
  • Integrated Memory Controller: Lower latency and higher memory bandwidth deliver amazing performance for data-intensive applications.
  • Intel HD Boost: Allows a new level of processing efficiency with SSE4-optimized application.
  • Digital Thermal Sensor (DTS): More efficient processor and platform thermal control for significantly lower noise emissions.
  • Intel Wide Dynamic Execution: Improves execution speed and efficiency, delivering more instructions per clock cycle.
  • Intel® Smart Memory Access: Improves system performance and reduces the effective latency of memory accesses.

Order your 'Future Ready' QuadStation Core i7 System today!

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