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QuadStation Multiple Monitor Computer System

QuadStation 6 Pro
by NTI

Support for 6 independent displays

Fast-Quiet-Rock Solid

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Multiple Monitor Stand to Mount 6 LCD Displays

Model #: KT660

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LCD Multiple Monitor Mount/Stand for 6 Displays. Connect 6 monitors together.
(Click image for larger view)

Price: $649

LCD Multiple Monitor Mount/Stand for 6 Displays. Connect 6 monitors together.The KT660 is multiple monitor mount for 6 lcd monitors. This very sturdy monitor stand provides ergonomic comfort while working at a computer with multiple monitors. Support for up to 6 x 22" monitors.

The KT660 monitor stand features vertical and horizontal adjustability as well as a 15 degree angle adjustment on all monitors. Easily adjust monitors to your optimal viewing preference to help prevent neck strain. Image left shows what the mount looks like with the monitors mounted on the stand (monitors sold separately).

LCD Multiple Monitor Mount/Stand for 6 Displays. Connect 6 monitors together.

The horizontal bars are slightly bent inward for optimal viewing. The swivel/tilt VESA mounting plates offer smooth tilt adjustment by 15 degrees up or down with your fingertip. Monitors can be moved horizontally along the bars to the desired position.

Efficient cable management. Your data and power cables are held by the integrated cable clips to neatly secure your cables out of sight.

 LCD Mount/Stand for 2 Displays. Connect 2 monitors together. The horizontal bar clamps securely to the vertical pole shown left, allowing full vertical adjustability. The vertical pole then fastens to the steel base shown below.
Efficient cable management. Your video and power cables are held by the integrated cable clips to neatly secure your cables out of sight. The cable clips snap to the vertical pole. Each plastic clip is 8" long.
The freestanding solid steel base provides the solid foundation to support all displays. The vertical pole mounts to the 1/4" solid steel base, the horizontal bars mount to the vertical pole.

Optional 'bolt to desk' mount base. Substitute the freestanding base shown above for a bolt down style at no additional cost. Make a note in the comments box during checkout if ordering online, or let your sales rep know on the phone. Bolts directly to desk with a single bolt, one hole to drill. Click on the image for technical specs.

VESA Mounting Assembly

The swivel/ tilt VESA mounting plate fits both standard hole patterns 3"x3" and 4"x4" on the back of most flat panel monitors.

To read more about VESA standards Click Here.



  • Quad Mounting Array: 3 x 2 configuration.
  • Supports up to 6x 22" monitors. Click here to learn How to Measure Outside Dimensions of your Monitors.
  • Freestanding base measuring 18" (w) x 14.5" (d). Substitute for bolt down style per request.
  • Total weight capacity: 80 lbs (13.3 lbs per monitor)
  • Gravity-centered pitch self-adjusts to securely hold different display weights.
  • VESA compliant interface for 75x75mm, 100x100mm included. Verify with your monitor manufacturer.
  • Heavy duty steel construction for stable positioning.
  • Smooth tilt adjustment 15º up and down adjustable by finger tip.
  • Rotation: Portrait/landscape rotation 360 degrees.
  • Adjustable clips provided for cable management, powder coated clean look.
  • Vertical pole height: 28".
  • Total mount weight (without monitors): 52 lbs.
  • Limited Warranty: free of defects in material and workmanship for 10 years


LCD Multiple Monitor Mount/Stand for 6 Displays. Connect 6 monitors together.

LCD Multiple Monitor Mount/Stand for 6 Displays. Connect 6 monitors together.

LCD Multiple Monitor Mount/Stand for 6 Displays. Connect 6 monitors together.LCD Multiple Monitor Mount/Stand for 6 Displays. Connect 6 monitors together.




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