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QuadStation 4 Display Computer for Trading

Model#: QS4-i7 Trader
QuadStation 4 Display Computer for Trading with Windows 7
  • Support for up to 4 independent displays
  • Intel Quad Core i7 Processor
  • Windows 7 - 64 Professional Edition
  • 16G  DDR3 Quad channel memory
  • 1st 500g Hard Drive (main)
  • 2nd 500g Factory Restore Drive)
  • DVDRW Drive
  • USB Keyboard & Mouse
  • 3 Year Hardware Warranty
  • FREE Remote Login Support Service
  • Ready for work out of the box
  • Rackmount option during checkout
  • Usually ships in about 3 days
  • FREE UPS Shipping (anywhere in cont. US)
(Monitors & mount sold separately. Available during checkout)

Price$2083   Delivered (anywhere in cont. US)
Questions? Call Now: 800.346.0732 | 239.254.9206
System Overview
The QuadStation 4-i7 is a very powerful and reliable 4 screen computer for trading with Windows 7. The QS4-i7 was designed for traders beginner to pro, who appreciate supreme quality and want the best trading hardware available to date.

The QuadStation 4 comes standard with Intel's fastest i7 Extreme Series processor and plenty of memory so the power will be there when you need it. Once you begin using a QuadStation system for trading, you will see the performance advantages right away in your trading environment.

Why Buy Your Trading Computer from NTI?
Experience. Our company has been manufacuring high performance computers for traders around the globe for over 18 years now. The foundation of our company was built on integrity, honesty and professionalism. We never sacrifice quality on any level and we always encourage open communication with our customers. More Details.
Ready For Work Out of The Box
QuadStations are built for serious speed and fully tested prior to shipment. When your system arrives it is ready to go out of the box. Nothing to install or register we do all of that for you in production. Just load your trading platform and you are ready to go!
System Specifications

NTI QuadStations are the most powerful and reliable multi monitor computer systems available. We never compromise quality on any level and our engineers design every system with the customer's specific objectives in mind.

QuadStations are geared for top performance out of the box so upgrades are not normally needed. We take no shortcuts at NTI, always the best...all the time....period. Our goal is to build the longest lasting computer systems in the world.

Intel DX79 Extreme MotherboardQuadStations are built with Extreme Series X79 motherboards providing a rock solid foundation for your system. The motherboard is the most important component as it manages all of the hardware in the system, so we only use the best motherboards available at any given point in time.

These powerful X79 boards include plenty of USB ports, high definition audio, high speed ethernet ports, 8 memory slots, and plenty of room for expansion.

Intel i7 ProcessorsThis QuadStation is powered by Intel's top of the line  i7 Quad Core Series processor which are the fastest Quad core processors to date. i7 processors provide blazing speed for serious multi-tasking on multiple screens in any business. Although a Quad core CPU has plenty of horsepower under the hood, you have the option to upgrade to a SIX Core CPU during checking if you wish.

Having enough power in your system is something you will never have to worry about with a QuadStation. This system comes standard with more power than you will ever use but if you need a little extra at times, it will be there. The processors that we use in our systems are always the fastest available at any given point time.

Introducing, The Beast! A fast machine needs fast memory. Your system will come standard with 16G of Kingston's newest Quad Channel memory dubbed The Beast Series. Rest assured that you will have plenty of memory even under the most strenuous of multi tasking loads.

Kingston is considered the best memory you can buy providing a very dependable computer environment. Although 16g of memory is more than enough for any situation, you have the option of upgrading to 32G during checkout.

QuadStations are built with fast PCI Express graphics cards supporting resolutions up to 1920 x 1080 on DVI and up to 2560 x 1600 when connected to display port monitors.

 ATI video cards produce very little heat which creates a very long life cycle. Rotate monitors in 'portrait mode' (vertical), for less scrolling on the web or long documents. Supports ANY size monitor or TV.

Not interested in Windows 8? No problem, neither are we. All QuadStations run on the most reliable operating system to date, Windows 7 Professional 64 bit edition.

A 64 bit OS will unlock the full potential of your i7-64 bit processor as well as allowing utilization of more memory. This means Windows 7 will run twice as fast compared to older 32 bit operating systems like Win XP or Vista.

Your operating system will run on an ultra fast 6Gbps SATA hard drive providing a solid foundation for your system, and all QuadStations come standard with TWO hard drives.

The first drive is your main SYSTEM drive and we also include a second bootable hard drive called a Factory Restore Drive. In the event of any software or hard drive failure on the main drive, simply connect the Restore drive (with our free assistance if needed) and your system will be restored back to factory state in minutes!  Also choose from optional SSD (Solid State) drives for your system during checkout.

Ready for work out of the box! When your QuadStation arrives you will have all accessories needed to setup your system and all software provided with the system is preinstalled for you.

USB keyboard, optical mouse, cables, adapters, speakers everything right down to the mouse pad will be in the box. Just unpack it , install any personal software if needed and you are ready to GO out of the gate. Order your QuadStation today!

4 Display Computer System
See It In Action
Rotate Monitors Vertically = Less Scrolling
4 display computer system
Silence is Golden
Every single component in a QuadStation system is the quietest available. Extra bushings on hard drive mounts, triple ball bearing fans, super quiet power supply, and an ultra quiet chassis make up our nearly silent workstation.
Warranty & Support
  • FREE 3yr hardware warranty on all components.
  • FREE Remote support service via our web based Tech Support Console
  • 100% US Based support (not outsourced)
  • The absolute best warranty in the business!
Optional Equipment (available during checkout)
Solid State Hard Drives
Solid State Hard DrivesChoose an optional IntelĀ® Solid-State Drive for your main operating system hard drive and programs. The new Intel SSD drives represent a revolutionary breakthrough in hard drive speed and performance.

These super fast drives bring a high level of performance and reliability to computer storage. (read all about SSD Drives).

You will still get a Factory Restore Drive and a Data drive in addition to the SSD when choosing the SSD option.

LCD Monitor Mounts
4 display lcd standThis very sturdy LCD mount will keep your monitors off of your desk maximizing valuable workspace. All of your cables are tucked neatly behind the mount for a clean and organized desk. Choose this option during checkout or order separately from the blue menu on the upper left of this page.

Looking for a different style mount? We have many other styles to choose from.

LCD Monitors
Select from our optional LCD Widescreen LCDs for an impressive array of displays to complete your system. Support for VESA physical mounting interface so you are ready to go with our LCD monitor mounts if you choose.

If you already have your own monitors, no problem our QuadStations will connect to any LCD monitor analog or digital.

Order Your QuadStation Today!

NTI QuadStation System


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