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 QUAD FAQ Multi Monitor Quad Video Frequently Asked Questions  
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NTI has compiled this FAQ section from many years of customer feedback and our own engineer's personal "Tech Notes". We hope you find it informative and helpful. If you have any questions always feel free to contact us we would be happy to speak with you directly. Check back often as this site is continually updated.

* If you are looking for a multi monitor system, see our QuadStation Pro. A complete multi monitor system preconfigured and shipped right to your door.



FireMV Install Procedure

Prior to installing your new video card(s) please follow these  important instructions so your install goes smoothly:

Pre-existing video card. Is it separate or on the motherboard?

  1. Determine whether or not you have an "on board" (part of your motherboard) video card or a separate video card (in a slot by itself). The easiest way without opening the case is to look at the back of your computer. If your monitor cable plugs in near your mouse and keyboard near all other PC connections, it is onboard. If not then most likely you have a separate video card.
  2. Determine what TYPE of existing video card you have. Remember, the ATI FireMV line will ONLY work with other ATI products. If you have another brand video card, nVidia, GeForce etc, it must be removed (if separate) or disabled in BIOS (see below) prior to install or you will not have video. If it is an ATI product you can leave this card in as it should be compatible with the FireMV line.
  3. If your video is part of your motherboard, see Changing primary video in BIOS section below for further instructions.
  4. If your video is a separate card, simply shut down your system, remove the existing video card making note of which slot it was installed into. Normally no BIOS setting changes are needed if you have a separate video card.

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Changing primary video in BIOS

  1. To change your Primary Video Adapter in your BIOS consult your motherboard or PC manufacturer. For most PCs here is how it is done:
  2. Reboot your PC and watch carefully for the HOTKEY to enter setup, it only appears for about 2 seconds so be on your toes when rebooting. Normally F1, F2, or DEL.
  3. Once you are in the BIOS screen you will have no mouse so use your arrow keys to navigate to the tab with the option referencing Primary Video Adapter or something to that affect.
  4. Change this setting to the type of video card that you want your PC to recognize FIRST when booting. For example, PCI, PCI Express etc.

TECHNOTE: Only change your BIOS to another video adapter when you are ready to shut down the PC and install your new FireMV video card. Once you change your video setting the card MUST be installed that you told BIOS to look for before you reboot the PC or your will have no video. Also, some BIOS settings may not have a specific setting for your video slot, as they are all different. You may only have an AUTO setting which should be fine.

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Which slot is which?

  1. A quick way to tell which slot is which is by color. PCI slots are white, PCI Express (aka PCIe) slots are black, and older AGP slots are brown. We have heard of an orange PCIe slot also.
  2. PCI Express comes in several sizes, x1, x8, x16 for example.
  3. If you purchased a FireMV 2200/2250 PCI Express card that will only work in a x16 PCIe slot. If you purchased a FireMV 2400 PCI Express card it is recommended that it only be installed in a x1, x4, or x8 PCIe slot, not x16. If you purchased a FireMV 2400 PCI card it will only work in a PCI slot. Also make sure your card is the Primary video adapter in your BIOS (see above).

TECHNOTE: Do not attempt to install in a slot that the card is not intended for as it may damage the card and void your warranty.

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Microsoft .NET 2.0 framework

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Installing your new FireMV video card

  1. OK you know whether you have onboard or a separate video card, your BIOS is set (if applicable), you know which slot you are installing your new FireMV card into, and your system is shut down with the power cable unplugged from the back.

    : Even after you unplug the power cable, hit the ON button on the front of the PC for a couple seconds to release the residual "pent up" power that is still on the motherboard to prevent damage to your new card.
  2. Secure your new FireMV card in the appropriate slot and secure the FireMV pigtail cables on the back of the card.
  3. Connect your monitors to the cables. If you have a 4 port card but only have 3 monitors, that is ok just connect what you have.

    TECHNOTE: To prevent confusion connect your cables in the appropriate order. You want monitor 1 connected the the monitor 1 cable on your FireMV card for example. This is detailed in your FireMV documentation.
  4. Boot the PC and have your FireMV install CD handy.

    TECHNOTE: IMPORTANT ! When you first boot Window XP will most likely launch the "Found new Hardware Wizard". CANCEL on all of these prompts. You need to run the install from the provided FireMV install CD to prevent issues. You will get prompted once for each of the displays on your card. For example if you have a 4 port FireMV card that prompt will come up 4 times, CANCEL 4 times.
  5. Insert your FireMV install CD, the setup wizard will automatically launch. Click on the Catalyst Control Center install option to begin the driver install. If you installed the .NET framework your install should go very smoothly, follow the prompts and your PC will be rebooted.

    TECHNOTE: If you get prompted during install for .NET framework you have not installed .NET prior to install. Cancel and go back to Microsoft .NET framework section and download before proceeding.
  6. After your drivers have been installed your monitors should all light up. Give it a few minutes to finish loading after reboot then go to your Display Properties by RIGHT clicking (that was a RIGHT click) on your desktop and choose Properties, then Settings.
  7. You will see all of monitors represented by icons (see below). For a 4 port card you will see 4 monitor icons for example. If all of monitors are connected, you will see all for icons illuminated. If you have no video on one or more (example monitor #4 in pic below) you have to enable that monitor. Proceed to step 8.
  8. In this example you would SELECT monitor #4 by single clicking on it. Then put a checkmark in the option to "Extend my Windows Desktop onto this Monitor". Hit Apply and OK and that monitor should now light up.
  9. Resolution settings are completely independent for each display. To adjust these settings, select monitor #1 for example and change the resolution to your preference. Repeat for EACH of the other displays.
  10. To determine which monitors are which, click on the Identify button in display properties. A large white number will appear on each monitor for about 2 seconds. If your monitors are in the wrong order, you have 2 choices. Either connect them correctly on the FireMV cables, which is easiest, or drag and drop the monitor to the correct location is display properties.

TECHNOTE: If your monitors are arranged 2 over 2 for example, this is where you make those adjustments. Just drag monitors 1 and 2 over top of 3 and 4 for example. If you are using widescreens the video card will recognize that and offer special widescreen options for those types of displays.

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Move an application to a specific monitor

  1. The newest version of a utility called ATI HydraVision has a function called "Move to Monitor" which will allow you to do this and much more.
  2. Click here to download HydraVision
  3. Click here to download HydraVision User Guide

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Spanning across multiple displays

  • In Catalyst Control Center you can span a single image across displays up to 4 only. Beyond that you need third party software like Ultramon. Note this is only when you want to stretch your desktop across multiple monitors, it have nothing to do with the total number of independent displays you can have.
  • You must have Microsoft .NET Framework installed prior to downloading and installing the Catalyst Control Center

TECHNOTE: When displays are spanned the taskbar is spanned also. Video will not span across displays, 1 monitor only for DVD video playback. NTI has successfully tested spanning other video formats across more than 4 displays in our QuadStations.

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How many displays can I have?

  • Up to 12 with our NTI QuadStation system, 4-8 with any other system.
  • The limitation is within WindowsXP which will only allow a maximum of 10 displays.
  • Going beyond 10 is possible with our systems. Contact us for details at 800.346.0732.

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FireMV and TV Tuner cards

  • The FireMV line will work in conjunction with most ATI TV Tuner cards, but it must be ATI.
  • The TV Tuner card will "capture" the input signal from your TV source and through your motherboard it channels to video to the OUTput of one of your FireMV ports.
  • FireMV is an OUTput card only. An INput card such as a TV Tuner card will be needed to capture

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FireMV Graphic chipsets

  • 2200PCIe = RV370

  • 2200 PCI - RV280

  • 2400PCIe = M24

  • 2400PCI = M9

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Can I put more than 1 FireMV card in the same system?

  • Yes. Our QuadStations support up to 3 FMV video cards. We do not recommend attempting this yourself, allow us to build a system for you. ATI nor NTI will provide support for 3 cards if attempted by user. Our QuadStations of course comes with full support from NTI.

  • You can only have a max of 2 PCI Express cards in one system unless it is part of one of our QuadStations. If you are installing multiple cards on your own use the PCI version of the video cards.

  • Depending on your motherboard it does make a difference which cards you would choose.

  • Contact our Sales Team at 800.346.0732 if you need help deciding or if you would like us to build a system for you.

  • Only our trademark QuadStation system can provide a 12 display system.

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FireMV and Docking Stations

Can I extend my video cables with FireMV?

Can I create a Video Wall with FireMV?

  • Yes, but up to only 4 displays and it can not be TV or video. PC applications such as PowerPoint are ok. See Spanning Displays for more details.
  • You can go beyond that as part of our QuadStation.

Network card conflict with FireMV

  • If your your network card becomes disabled after you install a FireMV product this is a Microsoft issue and they have a fix for it. It is not available for direct download for some unknown reason, you have to call and have them email it to you and it expires in 7 days after they send it to you.
  1. Call Microsoft HotFix rep at : 800.936.4900 option 0
  2. You will be connected with a MS HotFix rep you need to ask for HotFix # KB890463
  3. They will ask you why you need the patch, be persistent tell them the manufacturer told you to get it.
  4. They will email you a link to the HotFix which will expire in 7 days so install right away.

TECHNOTE: We have asked Microsoft why they don't simply post this HotFix on their site as our engineers have used it and recommended it with perfect results. It resolves the network card conflict with FireMV and even the older Xentera line of video cards. Why they make you just through these hoops...who knows. It does not make sense but at least you have a way to get it.

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Video card conflicts with FireMV

  • TECHNOTES: We have found that any NON ATI graphics adapter whether onboard or on a separate card will have a conflict with the FireMV line.

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Can I play games with a FireMV card installed?

  • The FireMV line of video cards are designed for business use in a 2D environment. Although some games will play just fine on the FireMV cards, more advanced games such as flight simulators etc which require 3D will not. However, you can combine a 3D gaming with a FireMV video card and have the best of both worlds. Contact us if you have any questions.

Which card should I choose?

  • All the FireMV cards will give you the same multi monitor functionality, some are just faster than others.
  • The FireMV series comes in two basic profiles, PCI and PCI Express (PCIe). Which card you choose depends on the type of slots that you have available on your computer's motherboard. All computer have at least one PCI slot, most new computers now have at least one PCI Express slot but it depends when you purchased your system so you have to check to make sure.
  • PCI Express is faster, and slightly more expensive than PCI (for more information on bus speeds click here).
  • There are different levels of PCI Express, referred to as x1(by 1), x16(by 16) etc.

  • PCI Express slots are usually black, PCI slots are usually white and if you have an older system, AGP slots are usually brown in color. Note that some motherboards may vary in color.

  • See picture below to determine which slot(s) you have available on your motherboard keeping in mind that your existing video card is normally removed so that slot may be available too and you may have more than one of each. To do this you will have to pop the cover off of your PC to get a look at your motherboard. (also see FireMV Install Procedure)

  • The slots that you have available will determine which video card(s) you can use.
  • You can install more than one FireMV card in the same system as long as you have the available slots.
  • In the FireMV line there are currently 2 different PCI Express cards. The FireMV 2200 PCIe which is a 2 port card with a x16 connector. To use this card you must have a x16 slot on your motherboard.
  • And the FireMV 2400 PCIe which is a 4 port card with a x1 connector. To use this card you must have a x1 slot on your motherboard. The x1 slot is about 1.5" long and usually black in color.
  • If you have neither of these slots you can use the FireMV 2400 PCI card. All computers have at least 1 PCI slot.
  • Now that you have determined which slots you have available, click here to choose your FireMV video card. If you are still unsure at this point, stick with the FireMV PCI version it will always work.

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I am a trader, do I need a 3D video card?

No. 3D will be useless in a trading environment as it will never be tapped. The FireMV line is designed specifically for the financial industry with very fast changes and layered multitasking capabilities. Pair that with our Dual Core processor systems and that is as fast as it gets. This is the basis by which our QuadStation was designed.

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One large screen or several regular size displays?

Q: I am inclined to use a single 30" monitor rather than several smaller ones. Which way should I go?

A: You will get better results by breaking it down into several monitors rather than demanding all that data to a single video port. Think of it like spreading the system resources. The end result will be plenty of screen real estate without putting all the stress on a single video port.

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What version of DirectX do the FireMV video cards use?

  • Version 9

PCI Express x1 Slot and FMV Cards

  • On any system other than a QuadStation you must install the FMV 2400 PCI Express card in the x1 PCIe slot only.
  • FMV 2200 PCI Express must be installed in the x16 slot only.

System Compatibility (tested)


  • Dell Optiplex GX620. Customers report that they could not get the FMV cards to work in the PCI or the PCI Express slots on this system. It has been reported in 11/06 that if the BIOS is updated to version A10 this system will work but has not been tested by NTI.
  • Dell XPS400. Customers report that they could not get the FMV cards to work in the PCI or the PCI Express slots on this system.
  • Most Dells (all models) have some sort of issue with the FireMV video cards particularly the PCIe versions, based on many reports and feedback by Dell customers.


  • ALL NTI QuadStation Systems with up to 12 displays. No errors, perfect harmony with all FMV products. Contact us to build one for you today.

Can I have 12 displays with a single PC?

  • Yes.  NTI can build you a 12 display system with the FMV cards.
  • Please contact us for a free quote on our trademark QuadStation Systems today.

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Dual core vs QUAD Core Processors

  • NTI can build a QuadStation based on the newest Quad Core processors up to 10 displays.
  • For more details on dual core vs quad core processors see our Stock Traders page.


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Linux Drivers

FireMV and Window XP 64bit Edition

  • The drivers for the 64bit edition of  XP have been release and available for download from ATI-AMD's website at:
  • Currently support only for the FireMV 2200/2250 PCI Express version.
  • The FMV 2400 series is in the works.

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FireMV and Vista Support

  • Yes you sure can. All of our video cards and QuadStations are compatible with Windows Vista
  • ATI/AMD has released drivers for the 32 and 64bit editions of Vista for the FMV 2200/2250 PCI Express and FMV 2400 PCI Express versions.
  • Download from ATI-AMD's website at:
  • No support for PCI version under Vista

Will the FireMV Quad Cards work in my system?

  • Yes most likely. The PCI version of our Quad Cards will work in just about any make or model PC. Give us a call and we can help you decide.
  • Please note customers have reported that most Dell systems have issues with all PCI Express versions. For Dell systems use the PCI version.
  • If you are unsure allow us to build a QuadStation for you. Our complete multi monitor system shipped right to your door.

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DVD Movie playback

  • Some DVD decoder software may cause various conflicts with the FMV cards.
  • Contact your software vendor for assistance with this.
  • NTI QuadStations do not have this issue.

Can I run multiple instances of Windows Media Player?

  • According to Microsoft, for Windows Media Player 7 or later, it is NOT possible to open multiple instances of the Player, although you can embed multiple instances of Windows Media Player 7 or later in a Web page. You can open multiple instances of Windows Media Player 6.4, by doing the following:

    > Click Start, click Run, and then type mplayer2.exe. Windows Media Player 6.4 starts
    > On the View menu, click Options, and then click the Player tab
    > Select the Open a new player for each media file played check box
    > Source:


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