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RVS Overview

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Remote Video Surveillance Systems, Digital Cameras and Software.
What is RVS?
NTI's Remote Video Surveillance System is a professional grade digital video surveillance system which allows you to record, manage and view live video from any location in the world. This high quality digital video camera system is designed and available exclusively by NTI. The RVS System includes easy to manage digital video recording software for a complete turnkey solution.

The digital video software records the video from IP based video cameras or DVRs and stores it on the RVS computer hard drives. Live or recorded video is accessible from anywhere in the world via the RVS Web Browser Portal. We can provide the cameras, the server and the software for a turnkey digital video surveillance solution. Components are also sold separately if desired.

  • We offer pre-configured camera kits ready to mount right out of the box.
  • Real time, high quality digital video recorded directly to the RVS computer hard drive.
  • Video can be recorded OFF site at remote location.
  • Access live video remotely through our RVS web interface or a smartphone.
  • Single camera systems to full commercial multi camera systems.
  • Video surveillance systems for ANY environment.
  • Contact us with any questions or to brainstorm any project.
Advantages of an RVS System
  • Easy enough to install yourself. We can do all technical configuration for you prior to shipping.
  • Access LIVE or RECORDED video from another location on any computer with internet access, 24/7/365 from anywhere in the world as well as your web enabled smartphone.
  • PC based point and click interface which means it is very easy to use and manage your cameras.
  • Recording digitally eliminates the need for highly accessible VCR tapes. Everything is stored directly to the computer's hard drive.
  • Perfect for: Construction sites, property management, commercial, industrial, small business, marinas, multi home owners.
  • Watch several locations at ONCE! Cameras from many different locations can ALL be accessed on one screen.
  • Replace, integrate or upgrade older analog systems to digital surveillance.
  • Outdoor, low-light, long range wireless, you name it we have a solution.
  • Difficult environments and installation situations are our specialty.
  • Multiple display RVS servers make the perfect surveillance station.
  • Rack mounted systems available.
  • Recordings are saved to a computer disk, no tapes or DVRs to deal with.
  • All recordings are time and date stamped, making specific video easy to find.
  • High resolution, color, professional grade cameras.
  • Motion detection or full time recording.
  • Send a text message to a phone or pager when cameras senses motion during off hours.
  • Save video and burn to DVD in the event of an incident or for archiving.
  • Long range wireless transmission options available (up to 1 mile).
  • Difficult installation environments are our specialty.
The RVS Server
The RVS Server is a powerful, Intel based system which manages all video and recordings. Nothing but the fastest i7 motherboards and processors are used in our systems creating a rock solid foundation for your surveillance system.

Real Time Digital images are be captured and recorded directly to the hard drive on the powerful RVS Server. Record weeks or months of streaming video depending on your scenario.

Easy to use control panel offers enhanced security and password features keeping unwanted eyes out of the system. The RVS Server can be located completely OFFSITE for maximum security.

Perfect for Project Management

If you a surveillance company or project manager, an RVS system is the perfect solution. View multiple project sites from a single location.

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Difficult Installation Environment?
No problem. Our experienced engineers specialize in challenging installation scenarios. When others are telling you it cant be done.....we CAN. We have a surveillance solution for any environment.

Call us to discuss your project today! 800.346.0732

Secure. A special USB license dongle for added security of your system. It is like a two part "key" to your RVS system eliminating the possibility of someone else logging into your system without your permission. In addition, multiple levels of user password protection and encryption settings in the software ensure that only the owner will have access to the system, locally or remotely.

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