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Multiple Display Surveillance PC

RVS System Overview

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Remote Video Surveillance Systems, Digital Cameras and Software.

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What is RVS?

A Remote Video Surveillance system is a complete high quality, digital video surveillance package designed by NTI. The system records, manages and stores video from all of your cameras in one central location. When you are away, view live or recorded video of one or more locations via the web, from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

The RVS System is a complete package which includes the recording server, digital cameras and the video recording software. Everything you need for a turnkey surveillance solution and you control all remote access permissions.

Business Commercial Residential Retail

Key Features
  • Complete, pre-configured surveillance camera systems ready to mount right out of the box.
  • FREE no-nonsense technical support to assist in getting your system setup 100%.
  • Access LIVE or RECORDED video anytime, anywhere, from any device with internet access.
  • Remote control of pan-tilt-zoom cameras.
  • Crystal clear, full color, high quality digital video. No more blurry video!
  • Record on motion detection only or full time recording.
  • Single camera systems to large multi-site, multi-camera systems.
  • Record days or weeks of video. All video is time and date stamped, making video clips easy to find.
Advantages of an RVS System
  • Easy enough to install yourself. We do all of the technical configuration for you prior to shipping.
  • Recordings are saved to a computer disk, so no more VHS tapes to change or DVRs to deal with.
  • Monitor multiple locations at once from across town, across the country or around the world!
  • Cameras from several locations can ALL be viewed on a single screen or multiple screens (see below).
  • Replace older analog systems with high quality digital video surveillance.
  • Send a text message or snapshot pic to a phone when cameras sense motion during off hours.
  • Save video and copy to USB or DVD in the event of an incident.
The RVS Recording Server

All cameras, recordings, settings, and permissions are managed by the powerful RVS Server. It is a computer based system with the fastest components creating a rock solid foundation for your system. The simple point and click recording software makes it easy to manage all of your cameras and user permissions.

All video is streamed directly to the hard drive in real time. If you need to add more cameras down the road, no problem. Your RVS system will have more than enough horsepower to accomodate camera expansion.

You Have Options

Our experienced engineers specialize in challenging installation scenarios with a variety of options to suit any variable. When others are telling you it cannot be done, call us---we CAN. Discussing your project with you will give us a better idea of what equipment you need and we will include that on your detailed quote.

  • Wide range of camera styles: Fixed, pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ), indoor, outdoor, wireless, day, night, vandal-proof.
  • Also see our RVS Colo option. Stream video securely offsite to a data center
  • Multiple display computer systems with 2-12 displays available. Makes the perfect surveillance station.
  • Regular desktop computer case or rack mount chassis available.
  • Long range wireless transmission options available (up to 1 mile).
RVS Is The Proper Choice

If you have an older camera system that you are not happy with, give us a call. A mistake that business owners often make is cutting themselves short when it comes to the quality of their video security system. Usually they regret this later. If there is an incident, blurry or grainy images will not help you or the police. Crystal clear digital video however will give you clear results every time.

Keeping an eye on multiple locations has never been easier. Call us today!


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