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18 Years in Business

"Thankáyou ...It has been truly a pleasureábeingáyour customer."

"I am very happy with my 6 monitors workstation which enables me to engage in some serious multi tasking."

"Thanks to you and everyone at NTI for aáuniformly positive purchase experience. I won't hesitate to enthusiastically recommend you."

"How would it feel to own the best computer you have ever purchased in 25 yrs of buying pc's? It feels GREAT and, of course, it's from NTI."

"Still using my QuadStation after 5 years."

"All I can say is WOW!"

"NTI systems and staff are exceptional. Never fails...always up and the staff will always help out a non-techie like me."

"Of all the decisions I have made concerning my trading business, none has been better than to purchase a QuadStation computer."

"When you get service like that, you know you're doing business with someone of integrity."

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Intel Solid State Hard Drives (SSD) vs. SATA Drives

Intel 520 Series Solid State Drive 

Why Use Solid State Drives?

  • No moving parts = longer lifecycle

  • Silent

  • Faster boot time

  • Faster application loading

  • Faster drive access time

  • Shock resistant

  • 900% overall system performance

  • 1.2 Million hour life (MTBF)

What are Solid State Drives?

Intel 520 Series Solid State DriveIntel« Solid-State Drives (Intel« SSDs) represent a revolutionary breakthrough that delivers a giant leap in storage performance. Intel Solid-State Drives are designed to satisfy the most demanding business professional, media creators, and technology enthusiasts. These new drives bring a high level of performance and reliability to desktop and notebook PC storage. (See specs below)

Stop spinning. Start doing.

Why wait for a traditional hard disk drive to spin up? Unlike traditional hard disk drives, Intel solid-state drives have no moving parts, resulting in a quiet, cool, highly rugged storage solution that also offers faster system responsiveness. SSDs offer instant access to the drive which means that computer boot time is dramatically reduced.

And for laptop PCs, the lower power needs of Intel SSDs translate to longer battery life and lighter notebooks. Higher performance with more durability means you can be truly mobile with confidence.


Better by Design

Intel 520 Series Solid State DriveDrawing from decades of memory engineering experience, and now on new, industry-leading compute-quality 34nm NAND flash memory manufacturing processes, Intel« Mainstream SATA Solid-State Drives are designed to deliver outstanding performance, featuring the latest-generation native SATA interface with an advanced architecture employing 10 parallel NAND flash channels equipped with multi-level cell NAND flash memory.

With powerful Native Command Queuing to enable up to 32 concurrent operations, Intel Mainstream SATA SSDs deliver higher input/output per second and throughput performance than other SSDs on the market today - and drastically outperform traditional hard disk drives. These drives also feature low write amplification and a unique wear-leveling design for higher reliability, meaning Intel drives not only perform better - they last longer with a 1.2 million hour life expectancy!

Why use SSD Hard Drives?
The Intel« Solid-State Drives with an unbelievable 6.0 Gb/s , delivers exceptional sequential read speeds compared to traditional hard drives for significantly better overall system responsiveness. With double storage bandwidth compared to standard hard drives for faster application launches and file loading, an Intel SSD helps take your PC to a new level of performance.
  • More responsive than traditional hard drives for a better overall PC experience.

  • High SATA sequential read speed performance

  • Up to 550 MB/s Read; 520 MB/s Write (520 Series)

  • No moving parts reduces the risk of data loss in case of laptop bumps or drops.

  • Consumes less power than a traditional hard drive so you can stay mobile longer

Install Applications Faster
Install an Intel« High-Performance SATA Solid-State Drive and reduce the time it takes for your new applications to install. Get up to 40% improvement with Intel« High-Performance SATA Solid-State Drives, on application installation when compared to traditional hard drives.

Intel 520 Series Solid State Drive




2011 Intel Solid State Hard Drive Specifications

SSD 710 Series
SSD 520 Series
SSD 320 Series
Sustained sequential read: 270 MBps 550 MBps 270 MBps
Sustained sequential Write: 210 MBps 520 MBps 220 MBps
Latency Average sequential 75 read / 80 write 80 read / 85 write 70 read / 90 write
Power 3.7W 850mW 150mW
Capacities in GB 100/200/300 120/250 40/80/120/160/300/600
SATA Interface 3.0 Gb/s 6.0 Gb/s 3.0 Gb/s

Intel 520 Series Solid State Drive


Compare Solid State (SSD) to SATA Hard Drives:

Install of TradeStation Trading Platform


Install of Adobe CS4 Application


NTI QuadStation Systems
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Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions about our company or any of our products. We encourage open communication with all of our customers.

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!  NTI launches new 3 display laptop unit. Rugged, weatherproof case fits in airline overhead as carry-on!

PRESS RELEASES:QuadStation Traveler System

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High performance co-location services for online traders.



Traders (all types)
Multi Monitor Trading Workstations. Support for 2-12 displays with a single PC!

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