NTI Dual Display CAD Computer

Model: QS-CAD4 | $2595

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Certified Multiple Monitor CAD Computers

QS-CAD 3 Display Workstation

CAD workstations

Model: QS-CAD3 | $2495

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cad workstations


NTI Dual Display CAD Workstations

Multiple display CAD workstations designed for engineering, architectural, design, 3D and scientific modeling. Choice of 2, 3 and 4 display systems, add optional monitors and mount during checkout for a complete turnkey setup.

QS-CAD systems come packed with all of the power you will ever need including an Intel i7 SIX core processor and Solid State hard drive. Top that with a CAD certified professional graphics card with 4k resolution and you have a very robust machine. Built for the serious professional looking for a very reliable workstation. They are fast, lean and ready for work out of the box.

QS-CAD 3 Display Workstation
QS-CAD 4 Display CAD Workstation

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QS-CAD 4 Display Workstation

Model: QS-CAD2 | $2195

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22 Years in Business

​​​Base Specs for All Systems, Upgrades at Checkout:

  • CAD Certified Hardware
  • Intel i7 Processor
  • Solid State Main Drive
  • Factory Restore Drive
  • High End 3D Graphics Cards
  • Multiple Display CAD Workspace
  • Win 7 or Win 10- 64 Bit Professional
  • DisplayPort Connectivity
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • FREE SHIPPING anywhere in cont. US