Once you allow us to connect to your computer we can assist you further.

Please note, we cannot access your computer without your direct consent and interaction. Once the session is completed we will automatically disconnect from your computer and end the session.

See our main Support Page for more immediate support options.

NTI Multiple Monitor Computers

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Remote Login Support

If you are an NTI customer and own one of our QuadStation desktop computers or notebook computers, we offer FREE remote support. If you have an issue with the hardware in your system and would like us to login to your computer, please follow these instructions:

Stay here on this page and call us at 239.254.9206 to confirm we have a technician available.

1. Download TeamViewer utility for a one time use. Save the file to your desktop so it is easy to find.

2. Double click on the file on your desktop to install it.

3. Choose RUN ONLY and PERSONAL USE options.

4. It will create a unique  9 digit number and password. Give those to your NTI support technician to allow us to connect.