KB40904 - I have a black border around the inside edge of my monitors
KB10706 - Wireless keyboards and mice
KB10802 - I am a trader do I need a 3D video card?
Multiple Display computer systems

Please take a moment to review the items listed below to ensure the fastest setup of your new system: 

Before you begin:

  • Inside the motherboard box you will find your video Y-cables, adapters, extra cables, and all of your software.
  • Not all cables are used that are included with your system. You will have extra cables leftover for future expansion of your system.
  • Review the printed documentation included with your system prior to setup.

Getting Started:

1.    If you also purchased a monitor mount, assemble the mount first and attach all LCDs to the mount. Instructions and hardware are included with the mount.

2.    Unpack your QuadStation System, and all accessories.

3.    Connect all the necessary video Y-cables for the number of displays that you are using starting with the TOP video card.

4.    Connect the keyboard, mouse and speakers

5.    Connect the black power cord (preferably to your battery backup or surge protector.)

6.    Turn on the system.

Adjusting Displays:

  • Refer to the Start Guide that came with your system for step by step details on how to set up and adjust your displays. 
  • If you are not using all of the displays at first, simply leave the unused video ports disconnected. The software will automatically detect and disable those ports in Windows.

Getting Help

If you still need assistance getting setup or arranging your displays please feel free to contact our QS Support team at : 239.254.9206 during normal business hours or send us an email now. We they will be happy to assist you

KB10803 - One large screen or several regular sized displays?

In an effort to always go above and beyond, NTI will always try to help our customers pin down an issue even if it is not related to our hardware. But please note: NTI is a hardware vendor so naturally we do not support software related issues of any kind. This includes Microsoft Windows operating system, all trading software and/or issues or performance related to these applications and all other software applications. Please refer to your individual software vendor for further troubleshooting any software related issues.

Examples of software related issues:

  • A sluggish system
  • Pop up errors referencing software in the name such as DLL errors
  • Slow internet connection or response time
  • Browser not playing videos or showing content on a website (see KB40903 below)
  • Login issues on anything
  • Changes in system performance
  • Viruses and spyware infections
  • Anything related to firewall or antivirus programs
  • Windows related error messages
  • Power source issues

Examples of hardware related issues:

  • A noisy fan
  • System does not boot at all (if not power source related)
  • Color changes or flickering n your monitor (usually just a loose cable)
  • No video on any display

Typically if you are in Windows and you see your desktop all of your hardware is  working properly. Anything beyond this point would be a software related issue. We will help you try to figure it out and tell you what to look for, but you will need to contact the respective software vendor to troubleshoot software issues. If you have a hardware related issue feel free to contact NTI or if you are not sure give us a call.

Multiple Monitor Computer Systems

KB10702 - Connecting your video cables

A multithreaded application is a software application written to take advantage of hyperthreading technology. Hyperthreading is a processor technology developed by Intel that enables multithreaded software applications to execute threads in parallel on a single multi-core processor instead of processing threads in a linear fashion.

Hyper-Threading enables different parts of the CPU to work on different tasks concurrently. This greatly enhances the overall performance of a computer system as it allows simultaneous data streams. Think of I like a single lane highway vs. an 8 lane highway with regard to data. Not all applications can take advantage of hyperthread capable CPU however it is the way of the future.

Note that all newer Microsoft operating systems and applications such as Microsoft Windows and Office take full advantage of hyperthreading technology. So even if you are using one specific application that is not mult threaded, your Window operating system will gain a huge benefit in speed from hyperthreading.

To change this setting in Catalyst Control Center:

1) Right click on the Desktop or the programs tabs in the start menu and open Catalyst Control Center.
2) Switch to Advanced mode if you are not there already.
3) Click dropdown menu Graphics in the top right.
4) Select Desktops and Displays.
5) Right Click your currently activated display under `Please Select a Display' on the bottom right.
6) Select Configure.
7) Click on the Scaling Options tab.
8) Now, just move the scale to the right (overscan) until you get full screen (in most cases, it is 0%)

Note that the instructions above may vary in different versions but the idea is to set SCALING to 0.

1. Open Screen Resolution Settings by RIGHT clicking (that was a RIGHT click) on your desktop and choose Properties, then Screen Resolution (in Windows 7 & 10.

2.  You will see all of monitors represented by icons (see below). For a 4 display system you will see 4 monitor icons for example. If all of monitors are connected, you will see all four icons illuminated. If you have no video on one or more (example monitor #4 in pic below) you have to enable that monitor. Proceed to next step.

KB10701 - Setting up your new QuadStation System
KB10909 - Taking advantage of multi-threading in software applications
  • With a multiple display system you can span any image over multiple displays. An image is considered a picture such as a JPG, GIF, Flash format file.
  • You cannot span video across multiple displays. This is a Windows limitation not the computer system or video card. This occurs because the Microsoft Media Players will not allow DVD playback over more than one screen.
  • If you need to span video we have heard successes in converting the video file to QuickTime in the combined resolution of the displays you are spanning.
  • To span your desktop wallpaper using a third party utility called  Ultramon. Note this is only when you want to stretch your desktop wallpaper across multiple monitors, it will still not allow spanning of video or individual application capabilities.

TECHNOTE: If you are looking for a multiple screen computer system see NTI's QuadStations Computers. Support for 2-12 displays with a single PC.

KB10704 - Setting display preferences and resolution

5.  To determine which monitors are which, click on the IDENTIFY button. A large white number will appear on each monitor for about 2 seconds. If your monitors are in the wrong order, you have 2 choices. Either change the order of how your monitors are physically plugged in, or simply rearrange the order of the display icons to match the order big white numbers when you hit IDENTIFY. 

It does not matter what the order of your monitors are in do not get hung up on that. As long as your mouse moves across all displays properly you are set up correctly.

TECHNOTE: If your monitors are arranged 2 over 2 for example, this is also where you make those adjustments. Just drag monitors 1 and 2 over top of 3 and 4 for example. If you are using widescreens the video card will recognize that and offer special widescreen options for those types of displays.

3.  In this example you would SELECT monitor #4 by single clicking on it. Then put in the Multiple Display section choose, Extend Desktop onto this Display (shown below). Hit Apply and OK and that monitor should now light up. Here is what it looks like in Windows 7 and Windows 10:

In the beginning, there was single channel memory, then dual and triple channel was introduced, now we have QUAD channel. What is the difference? Quad channel memory offers the highest throughput for real world applications. Interleaving reduces overall memory latency by accessing the DIMM memory sequentially. Data is spread across the memory modules in an alternating pattern.

The new quad channel DDR4 memory is used in all of NTI's multiple screen QuadStation Systems. System memory works in conjunction with the memory controller built into the processor and installed in lots of 4 to take advantage of the quad channel speed.

You cannot compare dual channel vs quad channel accurately. This is not an apples to apples comparison, quad channel is very different. Also, memory is not the only variable to consider. You must also look at the number of cores on the processor.

All NTI, our QuadStation Multi Screen Computer always come with the fastest available memory and processors at any given point in time.. 

You will get better results by breaking it down into several monitors rather than demanding all that data to a single video port. Think of it like spreading the system resources. The end result will be plenty of screen real estate without putting all the stress on a single video port.

The Issue: You have a black border around the inside of your monitors which looks like it is not completely filling the screen.

Possible Causes:

  1. Your resolution is set higher than the monitor supports.
  2. The monitor itself needs to auto calibrate.
  3. Your wallpaper needs to be stretched.
  4. You need to adjust your scaling options / overscan settings if you are using an ATI video card and HDMI monitors

Fixes to Above:

  1. ​If your resolution settings allow you to set higher than your monitor supports you will sometimes get a black border. Change your resolution settings for each monitor to the (recommended) setting.
  2. ​To calibrate your monitor look for an AUTO button or something similar on the front of the monitor itself. You may need to refer to your monitor user guide as these buttons are often confusing to navigate. However, most monitors have an AUTO button for this purpose.
  3. ​You may simply need to stretch your wallpaper to fit the screen. You know this is the case if you have a black border, but your mouse moves into this as usable space. In Windows 7 for example go to your Desktop Background Settings and change to FILL the screen.
  4. And this last one usually occurs if you are using an ATI video card and connecting your monitors using HDMI cables or adapters. This has to do with what is called Overscanning or Scaling and there is a setting ATI Catalyst Control Center software to fix this. See the example below.


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​QuadStation Systems​​

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Trading Platform Software

(Please note that NTI does not support trading software on any level, we are a hardware vendor. This information is posted as a courtesy provided by other trading customers and the trading software vendors.)

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Multiple monitor computers

4.  Screen Resolution settings are completely independent for each display. To adjust these settings, select monitor #1 for example by selecting that icon, and change the resolution to your preference. Repeat for EACH of the other displays.

KB40903 - Video playback or streaming issues in your browser

To play a DVD movie it requires a software decoder to run which is either included with your DVD drive, or part of Microsoft Windows. To play movies this must be installed and activated. All QuadStation systems come with Windows Media Player preinstalled and tested with a movie DVD.

Note that if you are having trouble playing a video in your browser that is completely different. This would have something to do with your broswer or plugins for your browser.

Stock trading applications such as Tradestation, Ameritrade, CyperTrader, QCharts, ETrade etc. are the applications traders use to manage their trading activity. Some of these applications are currently single threaded applications but most all of them are moving toward updating their software to take advantage of multi-threading.

What this means is that any system you buy for trading, you want to make sure it has a Quad Core processor with Hyper-Threading technology to make sure you are ready for the future. A single threaded application can work in a multithreaded environment as it is backwards compatible.

NTI QuadStation trading computers have been tested with all trading platforms and configured for optimal performance based on EACH software vendor’s absolute highest specs and far beyond. This includes the 4, 6 or 8 Core processor that is installed in all QuadStation systems.

All systems greatly benefit from quad core processing even if the trading platforms have not yet update their software to take advantage of multi threading. This will be the standard in the future and your QuadStation is ready for it!

Think of it this way. Even if your trading software is single threaded, that is fine it will work great on a multi thread machine. The advantage of that is the operating system, your browser  and everything behind the curtain that runs your Windows machine DOES take full advantage of hyperthreading. This in turn makes the system as a whole run more than twice as fast when running single thread applications.



23 Years in Business

NTI has compiled this knowledge base from many years of customer feedback and our own engineer's personal "Tech Notes". We hope you find it informative and helpful. If you have any questions always feel free to contact us we would be happy to speak with you directly. Check back often as this site is continually updated.

* If you are looking for a multi monitor system, see our 
QuadStation Systems. A complete multi monitor system to help you substantially increase productivity. with support for 2 to 12 monitors.

Multiple Monitor Computer Systems

If you have connected all of your monitors and one or more displays are not ACTIVE simply go to your Windows Display Settings and activate that display there. Note that if monitors are not connected at the time of booting your PC the video card will temporarily make them inactive.  Also note that it is normal for displays to flicker temporarily while changing settings. See instructions below:

 1. To activate and/or arrange your Multi-Monitors, right Mouse Click on the desktop background and select:

Windows 7: Right click Screen Resolution (below)
Windows 10: Right click Display Settings/ Advanced Settings

KB10804 - Spanning across multiple displays

Wireless keyboards and mice offer the benefit of a cordless environment when using your computer. however if you have chosen a wireless keyboard and/or mouse you must accept the inconsistencies of this technology. It is very common for these types of devices to drop out from time to time particularly when the batteries get low, which requires a quick 're sync' of the transmitter and receiver. Typically this is just a button on the top of the receiver. If this is not for you then use a standard wired keyboard for full time connectivity. If your occupation relies on fast responses you should stay with a wired keyboard and mouse to avoid frustration.

KB10910 - Stock Trading applications and QuadStation systems

If you are on a website attempting to play a video (Youtube, streaming video, video clip etc) in your browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, FireFox) and you are getting an error, this is not a hardware issue. The first thing to try is test that same video a different browser. Usually video playback requires what are called Plugins or Extensions and they are different for each browser. This could be the case if your browser is older and simply updating your browser to a newer version should solve that.

​If your browser IS up to date, check to make sure that you have the required Plugin or Extension installed. There some be some reference to what it needs in the error message to give you a clue.

Another thing to look at in your browser is your Security Settings. Often times if this is set to high it will block video playback.

KB10703 - My monitors are in the wrong order

The video cards in your QuadStation system may come with short "pigtail" cables or "Y" cables which connect directly to the video card(s). Then the longer DVI monitor cables connect to the end of the pigtail or Y cables then out to your monitors. The reason for the short breakout cables is there would not be enough room on the back of the video card to connect the end of a regular DVI cable directly, there is not enough room. The breakout cables move the connection away from the video card a bit to allow room for the connections.

If you are using DisplayPort monitors you will not use the Y cables. You will connect DisplayPort cables directly from the video card straight to your monitors. This is the best type of video connection you can have. More on DisplayPort. 

If you are not using all of your displays at first, that is fine. For example if you bought a QuadStation 8 but plan on using only 6 displays right now, not a problem. Just make sure to connect your displays starting with monitor #1 which should be numbered on the back of the video card(s).

There are different types of video connections on the back of the video card. The most common are Mini DisplayPort connections which look like this:

nti knowledge base

(Windows 7 shown above)

​2. Enable all the displays by selecting them one at a time, and choosing "Extend desktop to this display" from the drop down. Hit APPLY after changing each monitor.

If no monitor is plugged in connected to this port, the monitor will be “grayed” out, or not shown at all.

3. Once all monitors are active, click on the Identify button. Note the LARGE WHITE NUMBERS that pop up on your screens. They will only show for a couple seconds so you may have to click on identify again. Write down the order of the LARGE WHITE numbers as they pop up on your screen.

4. Next, re-arrange the blue icons (shown above for example) to match the order of the large white numbers that came up when you hit Identify.  

You can rearrange the icons by simply clicking and dragging them around in this window. Ignore the order of the the numbers themselves it does not matter. The goal is to make arrange these small blue icons int eh same exact layout that the LARGE white numbers appear you hit identify.

5. Click Apply, and OK.  Your mouse will now move seamlessly across all monitors.

KB10908 - Compare DDR4 Memory
KB40902 - DVD movie playback issues
Multiple Monitor Computers
KB40901 - Identifying software vs hardware issues

No. 3D will be useless in a trading environment as it will never be tapped. The FireMV line is designed specifically for the financial industry with very fast changes and layered multitasking capabilities. Pair that with our Dual Core processor systems and that is as fast as it gets. This is the basis by which our QuadStation was designed.