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Cloud storage for video surveillance

compare off Site video Storage

If you have video cameras at your home or business you are probably recording your video to a DVR at that same location. If that is the case, think about this for a moment. If someone broke into your home or office, the first thing they will take is the DVR along with all of your video recordings! If stored OFF site, that will never happen.

Streaming video recordings OFF site eliminates the possibility of local recording theft or tampering. Even if your cameras are destroyed by the thief, your recordings will be captured and stored safely offsite at the data center. The last video recorded will be a nice close up shot of the thief's face swinging a bat at your camera.

You can now stream offsite directly to your private space at a secure US based data center with our RVS (Remote Video Streaming) service. Storing camera video OFF site is in very high demand as terrorism and home invasions increase on US soil every day. We have provided that solution. Live or Recorded video can be accessed 24/7/365 from your computer, tablet or phone with your secure login. Here is how it works:

not just for security

Our off site RVS service can be used anywhere when local recording is not feasible but there is a high speed internet connection. Golf courses, construction sites, remote buildings, restaurants, marinas etc to name a few. If you have two homes, RVS is perfect. Record all video from your north and south home to a single location at the data center. All video from both homes can be retrieved 24/7 from any of your devices. 

Property managers, you can install a video camera at your properties and monitor all of them from a single location. Access live and recorded video from your computer, i-Pad or smartphone. All video is secure at the data center. For more industry examples see this page.

If you have existing cameras

Depending on the quality of your cameras, we may be able configure them with our service.  Tell us the make and model of your cameras and we will let you know if they will work.

With the assistance of our tech team we will help get your existing IP cameras configured for secure remote storage to the data center. Note older analog cameras will not work, you must have digital IP cameras for remote video streaming.

If you need cameras

No problem we can provide them for you with several camera styles to choose from including indoor, outdoor, close range wireless and long-range wireless (up to 1 mile see Wireless Cam Kits above). Call us today we will help you decide.

We will call you and get a few details about your internet provider, and ship the cameras to you preconfigured and ready to mount. Once you have mounted your cameras let us know we will configure your private space at the data center and that's it we take it from there.


With our simple web interface portal, you will have access to all of your cameras live video feed and recordings. Simply open a web browser, go to the private URL that we will provide to you, type in your credentials to login.  From there you can view all cams at once in multiview, or playback video from a specific date and time.

  • FREE Setup and Configuration
  • FREE US Based Technical Support
  • Storage at Secure Data Center
  • Unlimited Bandwidth at Data Center
  • Recording Software Included
  • Only $20- $30 per cam per month
  • View Live or Recorded Video
  • Access from Anywhere
  • Easy Browser Based Interface
  • Live video from your phone/tablet/PC

Choose this option if you like the idea of all video being stored safely offsite. No chance of a thief taking your video recordings.


About the data center

  • ​USA Data center located in Tampa, FL
  • 15,000 SF concrete and block building.
  • ​CAT 4 hurricane proof building.
  • 100% power uptime guaranteed
  • 3750 gallons of diesel for backup generators.
  • 100% network update guaranteed.
  • 24/7 on premises staff.
  • 382Gbps network capacity
  • HIPAA compliant
  • ​​SSAE-16 SOC 1 &2  Type 2 Certified

getting Started is easy

  1. Buy 1 or more cameras (or use your own if compatible)
  2. Call us with your internet settings
  3. We setup your recordings in the data center
  4. We send your private link to login to your cameras.

Video is recorded safely in the data center. Start accessing LIVE or recorded video of your cameras right away from any device.


questions?  give us a call today!

Remote video Streaming


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