Click on any category heading or from the PRODUCTS menu above for full details.  All workstations provide support for 2 up to 12 independent displays.


QuadStation trading computers are for the trader who is tired of cheap computers that do not keep up. Our systems are fast, quiet and rock solid so you can forget about the hardware and focus on your trading.  Add optional monitors and mount for a computer turnkey setup.


Increase productivity in any business with our multi display business workstations.Triple productivity in your office on the very first day. Looking for a way to increase the efficiency of your staff, start here.

CONTROL ROOm workstations

Professional grade, no nonsense workstations for mission critical environments. Ready for work out of the box. For control rooms, surveillance rooms, 911 call centers, systems monitoring, municipalities and more. Option to build in a rackmount chassis.


3D and CAD certified workstations for the ultimate design system. The days working on your designs on 1 or 2 screens are over, things have changed. Stretch on a 3 or 4 display system and let your ideas and imagination run wild.

basic computers

​If you are looking for a basic PC but do not want a cheap, off-the-shelf system, we understand. Quality is not sacrificed even in our entry level systems. They meet the same high standards as found in our full sized QuadStation Systems. These systems are simple by design, cost effective, yet high quality and will last for years.  Use with regular sized monitors or large screen TVs.


Multiple display digital signage computer systems that are easy to use and affordable. If you do not want to spend $15k on an elaborate system this is a cost effective, Windows based alternative. Everything is included to create your own digital content in minutes.


Connect an unlimited number of displays together up to 3 rows high. Monitor stands free up valuable desktop space and create a more organized workspace. Freestanding, bolt down, wall mount, rolling carts we have it all . Support for 17" up to 71" displays.


A laptop with 3 displays? That's right the QS Traveler and QS Mobile systems are the latest in laptops for travel. The Traveler includes a rugged case that holds everything. The best part, is it is regulation size to fit in all major airline overheads as a carry on!


Complete ready to mount camera kits and video recording software for any environment. Add video surveillance cameras where you think it is not possible! Transmit video up to 1 mile. Marinas, golf course, gated communities you name it. We have a solution for you.


Multi Display Video Cards for 2, 3, 4 and 6 simultaneous outputs. As long as it has enough resources, you can convert a tired old single display computer into a multi monitor powerhouse in minutes. Replace your video cards with one of ours and let the magic happen.

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