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  • Lowest Startup Cost
  • FREE Setup and Configuration
  • FREE US Based Technical Support
  • Storage at Secure Data Center
  • Unlimited Bandwidth at Data Center
  • Recording Software Included
  • Only $20- $30 per Month Per Cam
  • View Live or Recorded Video
  • Access from Anywhere
  • Easy Browser Based Interface
  • Live video from your phone/tablet

Choose this option if you like the idea of all video being stored safely offsite. No chance of a thief taking your video recordings.

​compare 3 recording Options

  • Record video offsite with our RVS Cloud storage option for a low monthly fee.
  • Record video locally to a camera memory card, computer or NAS device
  • Record video to internal memory card in the camera.

Web Browser Playback Window

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Detailed Control Panel

This VC Pro software interface provides full control of all camera settings. The live video will be displayed in the main viewing area with all options for that camera shown on the right.

Cameras can be can be grouped and renamed for easy management. The control panel will allow you to control live Pan Tilt Zoom cameras as well.


Regardless of which style cameras you decide on, we offer several options for storing recorded video. The most common is our off site Cloud based solution. ​Stream video directly from your video surveillance cameras to a secure, offsite data center. Storing your recordings in another location is a smart idea in this day and age. It eliminates the possibility of local recording theft or tampering. Even if your cameras are destroyed by the thief, your recordings will be captured and stored safely offsite. If you prefer to keep recordings local we have 2 options for that.

Cloud storage for video surveillance

Access Video from Anywhere

With our comprehensive web interface portal, you will have access to all of your cameras live video feed and recordings. Simply open a web browser, go to a special URL that we will provide to your system and type in your credentials to login.  From there you can view all cams at once in multiview, or playback video from a specific date and time.

  • Video Recorded to Hard Drives
  • Includes RVS Computer System
  • Slightly Higher Startup Cost
  • No Recurring Fees
  • Basic Video Recording Software Included
  • Advanced Video Recording Software Available.
  • Higher Bandwidth at Location Required
  • Same Remote Access as Above

Choose this option if you want all video stored at your business or home and you don't mind the higher upfront costs.  Keep in mind, if a thief steals your computer they take your video recordings.

easy Playback Controls

Digging a little deeper into the control panel gives you even more camera options. Choose frame rate, motion only, night time enhancements and more. 

Set remote access permissions from this screen assigning usernames and passwords for different level users.

Fully featured playback controls allow for pinpoint accuracy of video down to the second. Lock minutes, hours, days, weeks to avoid overwriting incidents.​ Easily export video if needed to provide to authorities.

Simple Interface

If you need more than just basic video recording capabilities , our RVS Recording Software  has it all. Efficiently manage a wide variety of  network enabled IP cameras and video servers, taking full advantage of a camera's Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) functionality even from a remote location.

Our VC Pro software gives you the power you need to enhance live video, save video to disk for later playback, detect motion, enhance camera control features and much more in a very simplified, single screen interface. View and record cameras from several different locations, all from one screen

Video Recording Software

  • ​​Video Recorded to Internal Cam Mem Card
  • Limited Recording Space
  • No Computer Required
  • No Recurring Fees
  • Basic Video Recording Software Included
  • Advanced video recording software available.
  • Higher Bandwidth at Location Required
  • ​Same Remote Access as Above

Choose this option if you only require a week or less of recording times and funds are tight. Keep in mind if a thief steals your camera, they take your video recordings.


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Web Browser Multiview Window