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19 Years in Business

Why Buy From NTI?

Our company has over 19 years of solid experience in multiple display technology which says it all. Since 1995 our engineers have worked continuously to improve our products year over year. NTI started the multi display revolution back in the early nineties and we work steadfast to provide the highest quality systems available worldwide.
The Company
NTI is considered the industry expert in multiple display computer systems and related technologies. NTI is a U.S. based company and you will always get straight forward, honest, expert advise from us with no runaround.
At NTI we respect and appreciate our customers and you will always get the most for your money here. The information you get from our site and our representatives is honest and accurate. All of our information is obtained directly from the source (Intel, Microsoft etc) not from hearsay, random forums or message boards. If you heard from NTI, you know it is fact. 
Quality without Compromise
The highest quality control standard in the industry. At NTI we do not compromise quality on any level, right down to the smallest component. All of our QuadStation Systems utilize only the fastest Intel i7 processors and top quality motherboards which are designed for serious business multitasking.

Prior to shipping any system it must pass our very stringent 34 point quality control and stress test. No system leaves our factory until it is perfect. Always the best...always the fastest....all the time...period.

Our customer service and support teams are second to none and we do NOT outsource our support to other companies. If you have an issue with your system you will call and speak to the engineers that built your system. Although there are very few, we react quickly to all support cases and offer FREE remote technical support for the LIFE of your QuadStation System, a first in the industry.
We always encourage open communication with all of our customers before, during and after the sale. When a system ships from our factory, our customers, as well as our customer service team are sent UPS tracking information so everyone is informed as to exactly when your delivery is expected. NTI is on full alert in case our customers have any setup questions.
Simple Order Process
We have a very simple order process and do not confuse our customers with too many choices when selecting a system. All of our systems are already configured for top performance and maximum power. Just choose the number of displays you need and leave the rest to us.

If you need help deciding on a system, just give us a call we will be happy to assist you . Tell us what your objectives are and an NTI representative will steer you in the right direction fast. We will make sure you have plenty of power regardless of the number of displays you decide on.

Our QuadStation Systems
NTI QuadStation Systems support from 2 to 12 independent displays for a very effective workspace and productivity is increased on the very first day. All of our system come standard with high end motherboards and processors as well as a FREE Factory Restore Drive (FRD) for optimal system redundancy.

Prior to shipping, our systems are thoroughly tested, and guaranteed so the system is ready for work right out of the box. We have a very fast turnaround time and you will always get more for your money with our systems.

Silence is Golden
Every single component in a QuadStation system is the quietest available. Extra bushings on hard drive mounts, triple ball bearing fans, super quiet power supply, and an ultra quiet chassis make up our nearly silent workstation. Add an optional Solid State Hard drive and you will never hear the hard drive spin.
Customer satisfaction is guaranteed with our company. If you have a question or an issue related to our hardware functionality, we will work with you until the situation is resolved. Read testimonials from just a few of our many satisfied customers and you will see why we remain #1 in multi monitor computer systems.
NTI offers the best warranty in the business at no additional cost to our customers. We are  so confident in the quality of our systems that we offer a FREE 3yr hardware warranty on all QuadStation Systems. In addition, our customers receive FREE remote technical support even beyond the warranty period. That is assurance you can count on.
Doing our Part for the Planet
NTI QuadStations are also built with energy efficiency in mind. Every measure has been taken to produce the most energy efficient system without sacrificing any performance. Energy saving power supplies, low power consumption and lead free video cards, extra cooling, ultra quiet cases, and other power saving options make a QuadStation the right choice. We also use only 100% natural, recyclable packing materials in all of our shipments.
Cutting Edge Technology

While other companies may still use older Dual Core processors, at NTI, we ONLY use the fastest Intel Quad Core i7 in all of our systems. We want to make sure you have nothing but latest name brand, tested component driving your computer system.

Are you ready for the future? Let NTI build your system to be certain.

How do QuadStations Compare to Other Systems?
Well, there really is no comparison but see an example of our systems compared to most others on the market:
COMPARE ITEM NTI QuadStations Other Systems
Processors Only the newest QUAD/Six Core i7 processors Mostly older Dual core or Xeon processors
CPU Overclocked NO ! Full Intel warranty Yes. VOIDS Intel warranty!
New i7 Processors Yes first company to do so Optional
Memory QUAD channel up to 32G Dual channel
Support Full, free support by NTI only Support is outsourced to others. Charged extra.
FREE Remote Support Yes. FREE for the life of your system. No.
Free FRD Drive Yes standard in every system No you are charged extra
Free Shipping Yes No
Backup Software Yes, Free No, you pay for
Made for Gaming No, made for serious business Yes, mostly
System options No always the fastest Yes as slow as you like
Fast Friendly Service Yes always Sometimes
Experience in multi display 19 years Average of 2 years
Time to ship 2-3 days 5 days to 6 weeks
A Small Example of Companies That Trust in NTI
A.G. Edwards FEMA ReMax Realty
ABC Television Forex Commerce Rialto Unified School District
AGFA Fort Knox Rob and Stucky
Air Defense Force Base GE Rockwell Collins
Airforce One Google.com Ross Department Store
Alabama Power Company Guilford Mills Inc Royal Palm Bank
American Airlines Arena Hewlett Packard-PR Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc
Baylor College of Medicine Honeywell International Siemens Power Generation
Boeing Honeywell Technology Solutions Smithfield Bioenergy
Bombardier Aerospace Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance Sony
Bradley University Infinite Energy, Inc St. Peter's Catholic Church
Canadian Pacific Railway Intal Asia Stanford University GB
Capital One Bank International Trade & Investment Staybridge Suites
CBS Sports Irish Repertory Theatre Suncor Energy
CBS Television Johnston County EMS TAG
Center for Disease Control (CDC) JFK Space Center
Central Michigan University Kalamazoo Dept of Public Safety Tampa Bay Water
Circuit City Koch Pipeline Tampa Electric Company
Cisco Lee County Clerk of Courts Temple University
City of Fargo Lee County Public Facility Tennessee Dept of Transportation
City of Henderson Nevada Lockheed Martin Tennessee Valley Authority
City of San Leandro Los Alamos National Lab Tesoro
City of Springfield Louisiana State University The Aerospace Corp
Collier County Sheriff Dept Lucas County Emergency Services Tobyhanna Army Depot
Columbus Airforce Base Midlands Technical College Town of Ocean City, MD
Compudyne NASA Turquoise Ridge Mine
CompUSA Nastech Pharmaceutical UBS Financial
County of Abbeville Emergency Nortel Networks UBS Financial Services
CSX Transportation Nuclear Medicine
DEA Pacific Motors United States Treasury
Department of Revenue Pediatric Cardiology Assoc. University of California
Dow Chemical Plainville Police Department University of MD at Baltimore
Emory Hospital Public Services Corp of Oklahoma University of West Florida
Entergy Nuclear Operations, Inc Public Works Public Service Div. US Army
Erste Bank Queensborough Comm. College US Airforce
ExxonMobil Pipeline Rayonier Performance Fibers US Navy
Federal Reserve Bank Villanova University
First National Bank Wachovia Bank

...and thousands of traders and trading firms worldwide.



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