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What is RVS

RVS, stands for Remote Video Surveillance. High quality, digital video surveillance systems designed by NTI. An RVS system allows you to record, manage and view live video of your cameras from one or more locations from anywhere.

Whether you are looking for a ready to mount camera kit or a full professional installation, we have everything you need to increase your security. Be proactive rather than reactive by securing your own borders.

Access Live Video from Anywhere

When you are away, the RVS system allows you to securely access LIVE or recorded video from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Our high quality IP camera kits come pre-configured and ready to mount out of the box. We take care of all the technical part prior to shipping. When your kit arrives, just mount the camera, connect a few cables and your are done. If you need assistance don't worry just give us a call.


  • Simple, ready to mount camera kits for small business to commercial, multi-camera systems.
  • Access LIVE or RECORDED video anytime, anywhere, from any device with internet access.
  • Remote control of pan-tilt-zoom cameras.
  • Crystal clear, full color, high quality digital video. No more blurry video!
  • Record days or weeks of video. All video is time and date stamped, making video clips easy to retrieve.
  • View multiple locations at once from a single screen.
  • FREE no-nonsense technical support.

Recording Options

  • Record video locally to an RVS computer or NAS device
  • Record video to internal memory card in the camera.
  • Basic video recording software included with camera purchase.
  • Advanced video recording software available.
  • Camera styles: Fixed, pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ), indoor, outdoor, wireless, vandal-proof.
  • Custom recording solutions available.
  • More details on recording options



If it is not feasible to run wires to your outdoor camera, we have a solution. Add our optional outdoor, long range wireless kit to your order during checkout. Transmit video up to 1 mile line of site. Indoor cameras we can use wireless cameras in most environments.


If you require more than a simple 1 or 2 camera kit give us a call. We can help you plan out a large commercial project and send you a formal quote. We have long range wireless equipment allowing us to mount a video camera almost anywhere. We specialize in difficult and seemingly impossible installations. When others tell you it can't be done, hang up and call NTI...we can!  More details on large projects.

Multi Display Computer Systems

If you monitoring a large number of cameras or require more display area, consider our QuadStation Systems.

Multiple Monitor Computers

simple Ready to Mount Camera Kits

If you are looking for a simple ready to mount kit for your home or business we have a solution for that as well. Choose from indoor or outdoor kits, fixed or PTZ cameras. We handle all of the technical configuration for you prior to shipping. When the camera kit arrives, mount it, run a single wire for power and data and give us a call. If running cables it not feasible add our long range wireless kit shown below. You can have your cam up top 1 mile away.



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Long Range  Wireless

Both of our Fixed and Pan Tilt Zoom camera kits, come standard with an outdoor ready long range wireless kit . This allows you to position a camera up to 1 mile away and transmit back to your building.  The easiest professional grade camera you will ever install. NO WIRES to run, just mount the transmitter, camera and receiver and you are done. For full details or to see our camera kits, click below

Remote Video Surveillance Camera Kits

Secure Your Own perimeter